As Summer Fades into Fall in Sedona, the Outdoors Beckon

As the last bits of Arizona’s late summer fades, the season for the best hiking of the year in Sedona is just around the corner. Though the sun is still pretty warm during the day, as August fades into September, the chill in the air in the early morning gets more and more pronounced, making it tough to resist the urge to be outside. But who would want to? Whether you are enjoying the spectacular views from out on the trail or exploring the shops, galleries and events, the end of summer promises exciting new fall beginnings in Sedona. Take a look at some of the spectacular views that are just waiting to be discovered!


Sedona Epic Hikes Video Part 3 (featruing baby bears).

OK, this is a long video. I should have broken it up into 3 vids, but "should of, could of." Anyway, this video features some wonderful Sedona and Sedona-area shots -- videos and stills, featuring The Birthing Cave, adorable baby bears (at Bearizona in Williams, AZ), close-ups of the aftermath of the Brins Fire, the Sedona "Wind Caves", an amazing Sedona double rainbow, a friendly tarantula, and ... well, a lot more. Enjoy.

Third of my Sedona Hikes videos. Features super hikes and "WOW" scenery around Bell Rock, Mescal Mt., Boyton Canyon, Devil's Bridge, V-V Ranch, Montezuma's Well and more. Includes scenic drives along 89A, I79 & Red Rock Loop. Also includes playful, baby black bears at Bearizona Park and a hairy tarantula.

One Thousand Sedona Pics in 9 Minutes!

In this video, we flash-photo travel from Buddha Beach to Red Rock Crossing, along Oak Creek, Up Cathedral Rock to the various saddles between The Mace and other towering spires, along some rock edges ... then on to an epic hike up Bear Mountain, one of the most interesting (and potentially dangerous) hikes in Sedona.