As Summer Fades into Fall in Sedona, the Outdoors Beckon

As the last bits of Arizona’s late summer fades, the season for the best hiking of the year in Sedona is just around the corner. Though the sun is still pretty warm during the day, as August fades into September, the chill in the air in the early morning gets more and more pronounced, making it tough to resist the urge to be outside. But who would want to? Whether you are enjoying the spectacular views from out on the trail or exploring the shops, galleries and events, the end of summer promises exciting new fall beginnings in Sedona. Take a look at some of the spectacular views that are just waiting to be discovered!


Sedona's Autumn Leaves -- Fall in Sedona

Sedona’s changing colors are a highlight of the autumn season. The red rocks give a backdrop to yellow leaves. Sunsets glow pink and magenta. Sedona is startlingly pretty this time of year. And, of course, I’ve set out a half dozen bright orange pumpkins in front of the cactus to greet customers. I love fall in Sedona. I’ve taken a lot of photos this year to share with friends and family. Here are some of my favorites.

Thunderstorm above golden Sedona sunset.

This past summer, a spectacular thunderstorm blew into Sedona just as the sun was setting. The towering red rock formations glowed red as bubbly gray clouds whirled overhead. The wind kicked up. A rainbow appeared. It was one of the prettiest storms I've ever witnessed here in Sedona, and that's saying a lot -- we get some beautiful storms and rainbows here, especially in late summer during "monsoon" season. Anyway, I was swiping through some old videos on my phone, and I came across this video I had taken during that fine, deep-orange sunset. It occurred to me that I had forgotten to post it. So here it is.


The Palatki Heritage Site cliff dwellings and rock art site located near Sedona in north-central Arizona. The site is open to the general public for visits seven days a week. One of my favorite lesser-known attractions in Sedona Red Rock country. Here a few snapshots from my visit this month. Blue sky, yellow leaves--the fall colors are spectacular here.

Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) in Sedona, 2014

Trick-or-treating in Sedona traditionally occurs Uptown, where the majority of tourist-oriented stores and businesses are located. It's one of the few nights of the year when there are far more locals walking around the shops than tourists. Below are some snapshots and videos of the evening.

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), which falls on Nov. 1st and 2nd, is a traditional Mexican holiday for celebrating the lives of friends and family who have passed away. Scholars trace the origins of the modern holiday to indigenous observances dating back to Aztec festivals.  Sedona celebrates Day of the Dead, like Halloween, with costumes, art and and public dances. Below are snapshots and videos from Sedona's Day of The Dead celebration this year.

Uptown Sedona Trick-or-Treating, Halloween 2014.

Uptown Sedona Trick-or-Treating, Halloween 2014.

Halloween Cat Decoration below Red Rock Balloons store.
Freaky Fire Dancer Shot. Sedona, Day of The Dead celebration.

Freaky Fire Dancer Shot. Sedona, Day of The Dead celebration.

Sedona Circus performer at Day of The Dead celebration. Sedona, AZ.

Sedona Circus performer at Day of The Dead celebration. Sedona, AZ.

Day of The Dead celebration, Sedona, 2014. DiVoM performance. David Vincent Mills, musician.

Day of The Dead celebration, Sedona, 2014. DiVoM performance. David Vincent Mills, musician.

Day of The Dead Celebration, Sedona, 2014. Fire Dancers!

Day of The Dead Celebration, Sedona, 2014. Fire Dancers!

Sedona Plein Air Festival Begins This Weekend!

Here's the latest notice from Sedona Main Street on this year's Plein Air Festival!

The “10th Annual Main Street Paint Out” is coming to Uptown this Saturday.

Sedona artist, Steve Simon, painting a landscape outside Sedona Green Gallery & Gifts. Steve's work is available at Sedona Green.


The “Main Street Paint Out” on Saturday, October 18 from 1:30 – 4 p.m. is the kick-off event for Sedona Arts Center’s 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival, an eight day celebration of outdoor painting with thirty nationally recognized plein air artists from all over the United States. It is sponsored by Sedona Main Street Program to bring together all these artists in one place at the same time. Look for their easels set up all along the plazas and courtyards in Uptown Sedona (N. State Route 89A). It’s a wonderful opportunity to witness the creation of a painting from start to finish within the two and a half hour “Paint Out”. People meet and interact with the artists at work in the open air, as their paintings develop to capture the beauty and charm of Uptown Sedona.


This free event kicks-off the Sedona Arts Center’s 10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival, an eight day celebration of outdoor painting. The invited artists must be award-winning plein air artists with regional/national recognition and current representation in a fine art gallery. This year, eleven of the artists are from Arizona and the remaining nineteen are coming from California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Vermont, Washington DC and Wisconsin.  Each year approximately thirty percent of the artists are new to the Festival and this year is no exception – there are 11 new artists this year, both from Arizona and nine of the other states represented here.


The paintings created during the “Main Street Paint Out” will be quickly framed and exhibited for sale from 4 - 5:00 pm at Sedona Arts Center, on the corner of “Main Street” (N. SR 89A) and Art Barn Road in Uptown Sedona. This is the first opportunity to purchase this year’s creations, making it perfect for visitors in town for just that weekend or the day. Immediately following is an opening reception at Sedona Art Center’s Art Barn from 5 – 7:00; it is open to the public and complete with complimentary wine offerings, in celebration of the Art & Wine Theme for this year’s Festival. There you can see exhibits of work that all the painters brought with them, and those exhibits will evolve throughout the weeklong Festival as their artwork is purchased and newly created paintings are added. The Festival has many activities open to the public. Visit for all the details.

Visit Sedona Time of year for Arizona residents.

Several Arizona newspapers mentioned Sedona on their travel pages this past week. It's classic "Visit Sedona" time of year for Arizona residents. Many residents of the Phoenix area and southern Arizona enjoy making the road trip northward this time of year to see the leaf colors in Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Flagstaff and the White Mountains areas. Here are three of the articles.

  1. Scenic Drive Schnebley Hill Road
  2. Sedona Beauty Draws Artists
  3. Fall Colors Arrive in Arizona





Sedona Epic Hikes Video Part 3 (featruing baby bears).

OK, this is a long video. I should have broken it up into 3 vids, but "should of, could of." Anyway, this video features some wonderful Sedona and Sedona-area shots -- videos and stills, featuring The Birthing Cave, adorable baby bears (at Bearizona in Williams, AZ), close-ups of the aftermath of the Brins Fire, the Sedona "Wind Caves", an amazing Sedona double rainbow, a friendly tarantula, and ... well, a lot more. Enjoy.

Third of my Sedona Hikes videos. Features super hikes and "WOW" scenery around Bell Rock, Mescal Mt., Boyton Canyon, Devil's Bridge, V-V Ranch, Montezuma's Well and more. Includes scenic drives along 89A, I79 & Red Rock Loop. Also includes playful, baby black bears at Bearizona Park and a hairy tarantula.

One Thousand Sedona Pics in 9 Minutes!

In this video, we flash-photo travel from Buddha Beach to Red Rock Crossing, along Oak Creek, Up Cathedral Rock to the various saddles between The Mace and other towering spires, along some rock edges ... then on to an epic hike up Bear Mountain, one of the most interesting (and potentially dangerous) hikes in Sedona.